General Advice on Automation Projects.


General advice, support While Implementing a New Control System Project

Industrial Automation

When Installing, Retrofitting Automation Systems, you have to Follow some rules that are going to make your work easier, the following are the most important: 

Keep it simple whenever you can

Don't try to add unnecessary details in your project, Only use the important components, and that rule also applies to your programming, try to have the habit of making everything as simple as you can.

The old adage that proper planning prevents poor performance 

If you can keep these in mind you should be able to do most anything asked of you. Make sure your selected vendor has accessible and knowledgeable support.

Most builders provide similar things in its products, but not all offer similar support to its products and to its users

Pick a reputable brand, get to know it… then stick with it

Research thoroughly before making a decision to purchase

Reliability and simplicity are most important for me

I’m far too busy to try and learn a million options on every piece of equipment.
Choose a reliable platform with a straightforward programming philosophy. I don’t need a programmable logic controller (PLC) in a drive. I already have a short list of PLCs I’m familiar with, and if I need to control something small, I will choose a small PLC I already know and trust to marry with the drive.

Servos are good, but steppers make small position moves better in many cases

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) 

have come a long way and can replace servos in some application, but if you want to go fast with good control, nothing beats a servo.

Standardize as much as is possible

Use a highly regarded brand, and off the shelf is usually best

                                            Buy the Best you Can Afford

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